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- Corporate identity design
- Web-site design and programming
- Web-store design and programming
- Online payment system
- Print design

1998 - 2004

- Suncomp, Inc.

Suncomp, Inc. is present a custom solution for the implementation, hosting, and management of the Client, Inc. state-of-the-art e-business environment. The present proposal is the result of the substantial effort of many experts who have researched and analyzed the Client business and technical requirements and who have developed and tested the concepts that form the foundation of the Client Enterprise Solution. The technical and process design, which we describe here in detail, aims to deliver and deploy.

AVolution has designed access key card for Sun Ray™ Thin Client.

temporary card
permanent card

Colorful promotional brochure explains Suncomp services and products that company brings to logistics and custom house brokerage companies

promotional brochure page

AVolution has long and good relation with Suncomp Inc. Most of our jobs have been developed and host on Suncomp servers and most of our clients are clients of Suncomp.

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