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We can provide you with

For your business:
- Company Announcements
- Product Demonstrations
- Training Videos
- Employee Orientation
- Marketing Briefings
- Visual FAQs
- Investor Relations
- Video for PowerPoint
- Video for Internet
- Sales Proposals
- Video Press Releases
- Video Email
- Media Training
- Campus News
- Distance Learning
- School Fundraising

For your home:
- Narrated Photo Albums
- Personal Messages
- Vacation Highlights
- Video Resumes
- Family News Bulletins
- Video Show & Tell


Video / Montage

We are committed to providing you with top quality, affordable and professional film and video production. Whether you need a Corporate Video Production, a Personnel Training Film, a Point of Purchase presentation or a flashy Promotional video, Shot in the AVolution can fill the bill. We will work closely with you to make sure you get the best possible results... Guaranteed!

Shot in the AVolution caters to the home video market as well, providing the same top quality service we give our business clients.  We can edit your home video, duplicate your priceless tapes, copy pictures to video tape, or transfer your 8mm film to video tape or DVD, we can do just about anything with your videos you need.  Want to put a video up on your website?  We can make it happen.

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