professional web-developing studio
- Music composing & recording
- Music notation
- Creation of "minus" recordings (vocalless)
- Audio cleaning
- Sound creation
- Samplening
- other

Audio / Music

Over the years AVolution team has composed many musical compositions in various styles of music, using latest, advanced, studio musical equipment and instruments. Some of our composition can be listen on radio, commercials or internet.

Here is some material for introduction:

 Compositions Download Year
 Dark Sun MP3, Real 1997
 Get Up MP3, Real 1997
 Only with you MP3, Real 1996
 Soul Long MP3, Real 1998
 Way Back MIDI 1997

In addition, our team of professionals ready to help you create unique and recognized style, not just visually, but as well as physically. Design are not limited in video interpretation, design is in everything.

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