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Highly recommended Law Offices of Ilya E. Parnas got own website. Site engine allow people in office answer your questions online.
December 27, 2001

Quality Express - conceptional design of company web site for New York logistic company. New company logo design.
July 08, 2001

Old design from 1998 finely is gone. Was hard, but we got to move forward. Black background is replaced by white, red color by green, orange by apple and so on... Sorry for inconvinience, but all pages will take a new place as soon as job with new site engine will be done.
June 12, 2001

New logos for on-line software resaller: MerrySoft. Was done fast without using head and with a left hand, but result is much more important than the process... So take it and use it (if you can :-)
June 07, 2001

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