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version 3.0

HelpDesk v3.0 is a corporate internet/intranet/extranet web-based help desk and call/fax tracking system. Combined HTML interface with sophisticated relational database the system company's employees 24-hour access to support staff from any computer with internet/intranet/extranet connection.

inbox screen

HelpDesk features:

  • Web based interface allows the HelpDesk system be a platform independent system and is accessible via any standard browser, regardless of platform or operating system.
  • E-mail, Paging Notification & Alarms. The system can be customized to e-mail and/or page support staff members when an employee enters a request.
  • Equipment, software assignment to individuals.
  • Flexible request handling and reassignments.

report generator screen

  • Charts and reports can be generated to easily measure company-wide issues. Managers can print any ticket to have a hard copy of an issue for easy reference.
  • HelpDesk is scalable, it allows any corporation with multiple locations and multiple HelpDesk experts to access each other's data banks. This allows all problem and solution information to be shared, while still maintaining autonomous regions within your organization.
  • HelpDesk uses a flexible scheme to accommodate small, medium to large organizations to enable automatic and or a manual request routing and assignments
  • Fully customizable without any programming necessary

request status screen

For detailed information, additional features, online preview and pricing information please contact us.
Available in multilanguage interface (English / German / Italian / French / Russian / and others )
Current Version: 3.0 beta 5 (May 2002)

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